At Radiant Energy Yoga we like to delve deep. We explore all aspects of the yoga practice from asana and meditation to philosophy and anatomy. Exploring the teachings and practice allows us to expand into a broader understanding of ourselves. Through the continual practice we evolve as we find ourselves constantly shifting, shape changing and immersing in the divine play.

“Amanda is my all-time favourite yoga teacher, and I say that as someone who’s picky. Her classes mix a very dedicated and knowledgeable practice of yoga, biomechanics and spirituality, with a sense of humour, community feel and down to earthness. Her style worked for me both at the start when I was relatively inexperienced, and as my practice matured over time. Doing her classes helped me discover how I could experience and use physicality in new and different ways, and gave me confidence to move beyond what I thought I was capable of.” ~ Rowan